Is MS Sql Dedicated Hosting Right or Your Business?

When it comes to getting the trusted hosting services that your business needs, you may want to consider your options before committing to any one course of action. One of the most popular choices for small to medium sized businesses is MS Sql dedicated hosting. Exploring this hosting solution can help you decide whether or not this is the best option for your needs.

Installing the program onto the server can be handled in house by your company or you can choose to have your hosting company install it. With MS Sql dedicated hosting, your business may most likely require 99.9% uptime and Managed Dedicated Services. You can have your hosting company handle this aspect of the process as well to ensure the best results.

Choosing the right hosting provider

Once you have decided on Ms Sql dedicated hosting, you will need to find a hosting provider who can manage the hosting for you. This means choosing a hosting company that has staff that is MCSE Windows certified and has the necessary knowledge and experience to do the best job.

Get good quality servers

In order to make sure that your hosting service is top notch, you will want to choose a company that can provide you with brand new servers. These new, pre configured servers should also come with managed backups, managed firewall services, and RAID mirrored hard drives that are hosted in the CLOUD. Selecting the company that can provide the best managed, dedicated servers for Windows business customers is the best option for your company.

By taking the time to find the best company, you will be well on your way to getting the qualified hosting services you can depend on. Although there is a lot to consider when it comes to getting MS Sql dedicated hosting, ultimately, you can choose the best hosting services for your needs.

At Planet Hosting, we offer Ms Sql dedicated hosting services for business in a wide array of different industries. Find out more when you visit us online at

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Is a dedicated Ms SQL Server right for your business?

As you attend to the hosting and server needs of your business you may be wondering which one to select for your needs. A major question you may have is whether or not a dedicated Ms SQL server is right for your business. However by taking the time to explore the facts, advantages, and benefits of this type of server, you can make the best decision for the requirements of your company.

Experience fast website loading time

Waiting forever for a website to load up can be a hassle. This can be the case with shared hosting platforms where quite a bit of data is stored from several different companies. However with a dedicated Ms SQL server, you can enjoy faster website loading times which means your customers will have the benefit of accessing information on your website very quickly.

No decrease in profitability

When you choose an Ms SQL server, you can enjoy no decrease in your website’s profit due to website failure. Website failure can cause a large amount of hassle and anxiety for business owners especially if they have run a campaign to attract new business and new clientele. With fast loading websites and no inconvenient crashing, you can enjoy your customer’s having access to your website whenever you need it.

Secure data storage

With a Ms SQL server, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that sensitive and critical data will be fully secured and protected. There will be no need for concern about data loss or breaches of security when you choose a safe and reliable server to host your website, files, and data.

Getting Access to a Ms SQL server, can make the difference in the performance and functionality of your business. Whether you have an ecommerce business or standard website, this option is one of the best.

At Planet Hosting, you can get access to dedicated Ms SQL server services at competitive prices. Find out more when you visit us online for more information at

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Best SEO services by the #1 SEO Company in Ireland!

How Times Have Changed
They say that with time comes change; however, whether some changes create positive effects on society is highly debatable especially in the case of eloquent writing. For instance, when examining the case of the growing emergence of social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat, one overarching similarity between them all are the limited amounts of characters (i.e. letters, punctuation and symbols) you can use in order to convey a message or describe a photo.

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Cpanel Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

If your website has outgrown its current hosting environment, our dedicated servers may be just what you need. These servers can handle anything you throw at them. With our committed support team and always uptime network, you’ll enjoy the highest level of service imaginable. All are optimized, secured and configured with enterprise grade hardware.

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Cheap Web Hosting Services May Provide Everything You Need

If you’re just getting started with building a website, you may be disheartened by the apparent expense involved. In addition to the time and money that it will take to build the site itself, you can also be looking at substantial fees for things like domain registration, hosting, and additional services companies may suggest that you add to your accounts. Though you might need some of the more expensive options down the line, or you might not, there is a good chance that cheap web hosting services will offer everything you need to get started.

The basic set of services that you need to get from a web hosting provider don’t vary very much from one site to another. You mostly need to be able to log in, upload the pages that you have built along with whatever images that you chose to use, and for other people to then be able to visit the site and look at the pages whenever they want. While additional guarantees like minimum levels of uptime are nice to have, they can also increase the expenses quite a bit without necessarily making a huge difference at the beginning when you are just working on building traffic.

It helps to look closely at the other things that web hosting service providers are trying to offer you as well before you decide to assume you need them. Being able to let people log in through SSL, uploading code and running scripts, or having FTP access can all be nice, but they aren’t absolutely crucial to the core task of building up a basic website. Picking out a web hosting package that offers a pretty minimal level of features can keep your costs down, and then you can add additional options down the line as you find that you need them.

You don’t want to start out assuming that you need something expensive like dedicated website hosting when you are really just trying to get a few web pages up on the Internet so that people know your address and your hours of operation. A basic package will go a long way, and you are free to build on your site over time as you feel ready to expand.

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