4 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Grant Application Software

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Software

A grant application solution can make your system more efficient. You can quickly get tasks done with its capabilities that offer your team much-needed support. But if your grant management system isn’t working as well as it should, consider getting an upgrade. Here are signs that tell you it’s time to shop for a new grant application system.

Applicants Have More Problems or Questions

If you and your team have more applicants calling you with questions and problems, your online grant application software may be the issue. The system should be seamless, simple, and easy to operate. If your potential applicants don’t seem to think so, look for better options.

Applicants Lose Their Work

A grant application solution should help speed up the process for you. But if applicants keep losing their work and must begin again, that’s not ideal. It’s a waste of time. Make it easy for them to complete their applications with an efficient grant application system. A grant system that’s easier to use means more applicants will complete the submission. If you want ease and convenience, look for better grant management solutions.

It Doesn’t Accept Multimedia Attachments

Your grant submissions should allow attachments in different multimedia formats. If that doesn’t happen, the grant management system isn’t ideal. Look for options that enable multimedia attachments. You and other users of the system should have no problem attaching or downloading images, PDFs, audio files, and videos.

The Software is Frustrating to Use

Talk to your team. Ask about their experience with the grant management system. Do they find it easy to navigate? Or does it bog them down? If the system slows them down, instead of helping them speed up and achieve more, look for other application solutions. Review the process with your team, so you’ll know what features to look for when you shop for your next grant management system.

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