All about Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is all about trying to make your website score a high rank on the unpaid and ‘organic’ search engine results, such as Google and Bing prednisone 10mg tablets. The idea is to get a better rank than your competitors. There are two major aspects to this- onsite and offsite that should be considered during the website designing stage.

Keyword Research
First of all, it is important that you know who your competitors are and second, you should keep in mind the product you are selling and what the your customer wants. Your keywords must be researched accordingly. For example, there is no advantage in trying to come on the first page of the search result for the keyword ‘cat food’ while the product that you sell is actually dog food. Therefore, the keyword research is essential for search engine optimisation.

Website Optimisation
You have to ensure that your website is search engine friendly. Your website should have well-coded web pages, relevant content, meta tags depending on your keywords and URL’s integrated with the keywords.

Link Building And Social Media
A site which is linked to many sites usually gets placed higher on the search rankings. It is therefore advisable to build links for search engine optimisation.

Monitoring may often be the last thing that people think of, when it comes to search engine optimisation. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools are highly recommended for monitoring.

Search engine optimisation is not a one time activity, it requires continuous research on the part of the website owners. Reaching the top ten in the SEO rankings is also a major achievement. However, the website has be continuously developed, the keywords need to be researched more often and it has to be updated on a regular basis.

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