Benefits of a Dedicated Server

by | Oct 21, 2016 | Internet Marketing

As the content and traffic to your website increases, your need for a better hosting plan increases. When most businesses start working on their websites, they prefer a shared hosting plan. It makes sense since it is cheaper but it also comes with some downsides. Shared hosting plans come with a host of problems including quite a bit of down time. A dedicated server is a physical hardware rented to you by your managed IT service provider in Dallas. It has its own Random Access memory, processor, bandwidth capabilities, and hard drives. The hard disk is the storage for all your software and the website. You can run and install any program. Dedicated servers are costly but the benefits they offer make the cost worthy. Some benefits include;

*Security- Your website is secure as no one else has access to your server.  This eliminates the risk of malwares and viruses unless you upload them.

*Customization – Your server provider allows you to pay only for the services that you need. You also have the advantage of choosing the operating system and control panel that you prefer. Your choice should consider the system that allows your web application to run on in the best way.

*Reliability – Dedicated servers save you the trouble of slow web loading due to congestion on the server. In a shared server, the speed at which your website loads is dependent on the activities of the other people on the site. If there are many requests and activities on the site, then it will take a long time before your website loads.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

*Unique IP address – The advantage of having a unique IP address is that you do not need header-reading software. When sharing a server, header-reading is installed to direct the traffic. If the site is congested, the process can be very slow.

ITWorks365 offers dedicated servers that you can count on.

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