Managed Cloud Services Security Governance

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One of the major innovations in recent years is cloud computing. There has been a big shift away from on-premises applications or data storage. Consumers, small or midsized businesses, and even large companies are putting applications along with data in the cloud. However, one of the biggest questions for many people is whether this is a safe option. Security for cloud computing is one of the biggest concerns, and has led to a number of managed cloud services security processes for IT managers to ensure a more secure computing environment.

Cloud Computing Security
For many organizations, it might seem risky putting valuable applications and data in the cloud and trusting cloud computing security to third parties. However, as a general rule, enterprises should note that applications and data are secure, and in fact the cloud can have a number of security advantages. Some of these include disaster recovery and redundancy, enabling automated security management, simplification of security auditing and testing, plus the fact that moving public data to external cloud environments reduces the exposure of internal sensitive data.

Common Security Concerns
Most cloud providers offer rigorous Managed cloud services security provisions as part of their overall business model. In this respect, it is not simply a matter of the provider having better security measures, rather deploying precautions individual businesses should, but quite often don’t. The majority of application providers will impose a level of security within their programs; however when cloud providers implement proprietary approaches to security, quite often concerns arise regarding exposure of data, their approach to role-based access, and authentication approaches.

Enhanced Physical Security
One of the biggest causes of loss is lack of proper physical security. Additionally, insider attacks will account for a large percentage of these losses, in fact in most cases the reality is these types of attacks are from trusted employees. Regardless of location, an insider can attack your data and network given enough information and incentives. Coupled with the fact they have close access physically to actual hardware makes it easier. However, a cloud data facility usually has better internal physical protocols including regulated access and additional protection measures.

Superior Cloud Security
Managed cloud services security involves more than physical safeguards. If you are a larger organization, there might be the need to deploy a dedicated staff for security only. However, with cloud computing, security is built directly into the platform. The provider will ensure applications and data remain safe from outside and inside attack.

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