Build Your Partner Experience with TUNE Marketing

Partnerships with affiliates, networks, influencers, agencies, and more allow you to reach more people, but you need an SaaS platform that streamlines the process and provides the best partner experience. TUNE marketing is a valuable tool you can customize to meet your needs using the most powerful tools available.

Affiliate Management

Affiliates are essential to your marketing strategy to help you reach more people with minimal effort required. However, you must find the most effective method for managing your affiliate marketing program. TUNE marketing simplifies setting up your affiliates and tracking their progress. The software tracks leads for each affiliate and automatically generates commissions based on their performance, with fraud protection features that ensure accurate results.


Analytics is another critical tool available through TUNE marketing. You can track everything in one location, including conversions, page views, referrals, goals, customer interactions, and more. Create custom reports to visualize your affiliate marketing success with automated reporting that eliminates the hassle and errors of manual data entry.

If you’re interested in using TUNE marketing to improve your partner experience, visit the Profitable Media today.

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  • Ethan Burton