The Usability Of Website Designing

by | Mar 27, 2012 | Web Design

In website designing, usability is one of the most important factors which usually gets overlooked in an attempt to create a website that is attractive and flashy. Website usability can be explained as the simplicity of a website with which a user can use and respond to the information given on the site. Website designing has to be done keeping in mind the user’s requirements and purpose rather than just the attractiveness of the site.L’ora legale movie download

The irony of website designing arena is that, although there have many websites that have won awards for their catchy designs and looks, they perform relatively low on their navigation and usability. This eventually leads to the loss of a number of prospective customers everyday. Customers may get confused or frustrated at such sites.

Many business also forget to add their contact numbers and other information on their web page. Thus, the meaning of a website designing is lost and the total return in their investment is nil. Website designers usually use flash and other such tools for website designing that easily catches the eye. However, the downside to this is that, search engines pick up sites on the basis of their text, links, images and do not really pick up flash very well. Also, users who do not have flash players at all, do not pick such sites, they tend to skip them altogether.

Content is the most important aspect that is usually ignored by website designers. A simple content based website will show up in the search engine. It will also justify the use of a website and a designer. The easier it is for a customer to locate and understand a site, more are the chances that they will reply or buy.

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