What to Ask IPhone Application Developers Prior to Hiring

by | Jan 22, 2015 | Web Design, Web Development

If you want to have something done right, then you have to be sure that you ask the right questions. This applies to all situations, including hiring iPhone application developers. Some questions that you should ask prior to hiring a company of person for these services are highlighted here.

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What Type of Customers Currently Work With them?

This will help you gauge whether or not certain iPhone application developers have experience working with clients that are similar to yours. If they do not, they may not be able to create the type of app that you want. You also need to determine the type of integrations that the app you want will require, to ensure that they will be able to meet these requirements.

Are You Able to Meet the App Developers or Designers Yourself?

If you are unable to get a firm answer to this, then you may be talking with a company that does not have any on-site workers. While this may not be horrible, you should be sure that you find iPhone application developers that have the experience and know-how to successfully create the app you want, otherwise you may waste your money on an app that does not perform as you expected.

Do the Developers Know People at Google or Apple?

The answer that you receive for this question will provide you with an indication of how well the firm’s application developers are working with the companies that are responsible with the primary mobile platforms. These relationships are essential to ensure they understand the changing landscape that is present in the mobile industry and understand the key updates of any OS need to be factored into the development of your actual app.

What is Their Testing Method?

If you find iPhone application developers that tell you that testing is just some simple QA process once the app has been built, then you should look someplace else. Testing needs to be something that is utilizes through the entire development phase of the app and in the “best-case-scenario,” it needs to be done with test-driven development and behavior driven development.

What Apps Have They Created That Are Successful in the App Store?

If you are going to interview someone for a job, then you would ask them about their previous experience. You should use the same approach here and find an app developer with a quality selection of apps they made in the past.

When you take your time and find quality iPhone application developers, you will be able to feel confident that the app you really want will be created. This will ensure that you have one that not only looks great, but that also functions as you want it too, which is essential for your business.

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