What You Need to Know Before You Register Domain Name

by | Apr 24, 2013 | Web Design

Your domain name serves many purposes for your online presence: it’s your welcome mat, your calling card and your pushpin on the gigantic map of the Internet. It will often be the name that your visitors most closely associate with your website. Switching domain names down the road is a tedious and time consuming task, so if you’re ready to register domain name, make sure you’ve gone over all the imperative concerns.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Incorporating Your Brand Name
Whether your website is personal or professional, you have a brand name that you are trying to promote (even if it’s your own name). So, the first consideration when you register domain name is how that domain will incorporate your brand. If your brand name is unique, it may be possible to secure a domain containing only the brand name. With the proliferation of thousands of new websites each day, however, it is very possible that the domain for your brand may already be registered. In this case, add a relevant word or two (such as a location or description of services) to make your domain unique.

Choosing a Domain Extension
Your domain extension is the two or three letters that come after the period or “dot.” You must select a specific domain extension when you register domain name. By far, the most popular domain extension is .com and in most cases, this is the best domain to select because it will be easiest for your visitors to remember. When the .com extension is unavailable for your chosen domain or when another domain is more appropriate for your site (such as .tv), there are dozens of other options at your disposal.

Avoiding Some Common Mistakes
Whatever you choose for your domain name, be sure to avoid some of the most common domain name mistakes. First, don’t include any confusing phrases or unusual punctuation in your domain (avoiding dashes altogether is recommended). These are easily forgotten or confused if a shopper doesn’t have the domain in front of them. Secondly, don’t forget that you will often be telling people the domain name aloud, so don’t make it difficult to say or spell.


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