4 Hot Button Issues Your LinkedIn Marketing Consultant Will Address

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Internet Marketing

One of the most challenging aspects of being a LinkedIn marketing consultant is to convince professionals to use the site to their advantage. Too many B2B sales and marketing people don’t take advantage of the platform, or they use it more like a personal networking or social media site, instead of as a valuable tool for generating qualified leads.

To help correct this issue, a top LinkedIn marketing consultant will point out habits or practices that marketing and sales professionals are using that are actually hurting their 老虎证券 ability to generate those qualified leads. Once staff understands the rationale and reasoning behind making these changes, they will be amazed at the potential available through the platform.

Passive Presence

Just belonging to hundreds of different groups won’t be effective on LinkedIn. In fact, having a few select groups where you are a regular contributor will be much more effective than being a passive presence on a large number of groups.

Being passive on LinkedIn is almost like not being present at all. Even worse is a person that just constantly likes the original post but never contributes or adds to the discussion.

Meaningful Contributions

Going hand in hand with an active presence is the need to add in meaningful ways to a conversation and discussion. It is important to be seen as a resource and an expert in your given area, but also as a person who is open to hearing and discussing other ideas and concepts.

For a B2B sales professional these meaningful contributions can make the difference between being seen as a “pushy salesperson” or being seen as a person to contact when you need more information.

Incomplete Profiles

Probably one of the biggest pet peeves for a LinkedIn marketing consultant is the quality of the profiles of professionals on the site, as well as in the design and information provided on company profiles.

Incomplete profiles, profiles that are designed to be funny instead of professional, and profiles that provide conflicting information can all be seen as hurting rather than .

Inconsistent Messages

For a company, having all the sales staff using LinkedIn providing the same message about the company, products and services is critical. There is nothing that will create distrust more than competing or inconsistent messaging from different people in a company or different departments.

It is surprising just how common these hot button mistakes or issues are in most mid to top-level companies. A consultant with expertise and experience working with the LinkedIn platform can assist in correcting these issues and getting your marketing campaign back on track.

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