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How Times Have Changed
They say that with time comes change; however, whether some changes create positive effects on society is highly debatable especially in the case of eloquent writing. For instance, when examining the case of the growing emergence of social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat, one overarching similarity between them all are the limited amounts of characters (i.e. letters, punctuation and symbols) you can use in order to convey a message or describe a photo.

Examining the Impact on Language
To understand the full impact of this current trend, all you would need to do is look at the trend of SEO usage in companies in Ireland. Dublin based companies that are advertising online try to make as quick an impact as possible in their advertising campaigns. To get the best out of their campaigns, they focus on what is defined as “Search Engine Optimisation”. This process basically attempts to generate greater relevancy for an advertisement by making the words within it mesh more accurately with the search terms that customers use to look for particular products and services. While this practice has been in use extensively in the past, the current shift in language usage via the influence of social media has resulted in the need to get your advertisement across in shorter and shorter messages. This is a daunting process for companies looking to use SEO in Ireland given the difficulty of properly conveying your ad in what basically amounts to a very short sentence.

Necessity of the Practice
You may ask then why won’t companies simply ignore current social media trends and advertise the way that they want? The inherent problem with doing so is that online users have become so used to bursts of information delivered in short intervals that attempting to go against the current trend simply does not work like it. That is why various corporations rely on companies like Business Name, Professional E-commerce Website Developers, Award Winning Development & Design Company, Voted No. 1 Development Company in Ireland. You need to be able to be able to immediately capture the attention of your potential customers in as short a message as possible in order to make them want to read what you are advertising.

This is not a trend that has started recently; rather, it was seen during the start of the popularity of mobile texting wherein messages were sent with as few characters as reasonably possible to expedite sending the text. Companies need to take this into consideration when it comes to their advertising initiatives otherwise they will The Mummy 2017 movie now

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