How to Clean Up Your Database With Address Validation Software

The importance of well-organized company data cannot be disputed. However, the data companies keep regarding their customers may not always receive the attention it deserves. In turn, irrelevant client data can cause losses for your business, both financially and professionally.

The Importance of Address Data

The contact information for your company’s clients is crucial to providing professional and quality service. Discrepancies in customer’s addresses can lead to decreased customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is imperative that your business has updated and verified contact data. In order to deliver quick and accurate service, your customer address data needs to be current and deliverable.

Address Validation Software

By matching your clients’ addresses with the database of the United States Postal Service (USPS), address validation software provides the assurance that your company’s clients addresses are verified, and company mail gets sent to the correct individual or business. The program checks for any missing client addresses, errors in formatting and spelling, and missing or incomplete details about a customer’s address. The software is personalized for your business’s needs and concerns, adaptable, and user-friendly for all of your employees. Verification is immediate and simple, checking every piece of information in your customer address database.

Benefits of Validating Customers’ Addresses

Besides knowing that your customer address database is clean and running at its most efficient, will cut your company’s costs on postage, mailing, and printing, as well as save time by eliminating the need to clean out address data manually. With this software, your company can increase its accuracy while lessening resources and the chances of data fraud. You will be able to more effectively target customers and also establish rapport and a two-way relationship with your clients. The decrease in returned mail and surcharges for reshipping of undeliverable packages and letters will contribute to more ease in the overall shipping process.

The Postal Address Validation Software has been designed to be user-friendly and a top performer in database clean-up. Features include longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates of addresses, verification of a client’s name at any given address, and census data usage to ensure accurate validation of customer locations. The comfort of using this software allows users to quickly, easily, and correctly identify clients throughout the company database.

The software is a personalized method for ensuring your company delivers top-quality service. The program can be altered to fit your individual company’s needs, and can be integrated into the company website, as well as any applications and other environments. The dependability of Postal Address Validation Software can simply not be argued.

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